2015 Remote Facts: Nissan Smart Keys

Posted: 12/04/2015 by Fresh Car Keys

nissan smartkey

In regards to the Nissan Smart Keys (FCC: KR5S180144014), there are two different variants of the remote. The boards themselves are hard to differentiate so we made an illustration pointing to the subtle difference.

As you can see, the boards are almost identical (apart from us using a four and five button version in the picture). There is an area of prongs in the corner, by the chip. The older style (2014 and older) have two prongs in the corner and the newer version (2015+) have only one prong.

Rest assured, we service both kinds of remotes, but when it comes to programming THEY ARE NOT CROSS COMPATIBLE so we wanted to help you decipher them instead of thinking it is another issue.

We sincerely hope this helps. We will continue to offer assistance in any way we can regarding remotes.

Thanks! Team Fresh Car Keys

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