Trick of the Trade: Ford Smart Keys

Posted: 10/08/2015 by Fresh Car Keys

Ford SK

This process is for the 2015 Mustang / 2015 Lincoln MKZ / 2015 Ford Fusion

If you come across a vehicle with no keys, there is a secondary anti-theft system on the vehicle you need to bypass.



Close the drivers door and go all the way through the steps until you get to clear/program prox and STOP!

Place a smart key in the programming slot and open the door, you will need to wait for 20 minutes for the bypass to happen, there will be no sound or anything. Once this is done press clear program prox, and proceed as programming a prox key as normal.

Also, if you should happen to set off the alarm. don't wory! You just need to do the same procedure as putting the key in the slot and opening the door. Only difference is, after about 6 minutes the emergency flashers will stop flashing and you will hear 2 honks from the horn, once you hear that you have 60 seconds to press clear/program prox.

This only applies to the Fusion if you open the door and are unable to disarm the alarm. Then you just need to use one flip key in the ignition.

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