End of Year Tips and Tricks Post with Extra Toppings!

Posted: 12/21/2015 by Fresh Car Keys

Cadillac Blues- Resolved!

The subject vehicle was approached as normal, key in pocket, master in cup holder, key in door rotated 5 times to the unlock position. The dash did NOT display as normal, instead it simply remained off.


  • Press the start button once, wait a few seconds.

  • Remove the new smart key and test lock/unlock buttons.

  • If they work, press and hold the start button as normal for 20-30 seconds to exit programming.

  • Test both keys as normal, both away from car, then one at a time in the car.

  • An indication of the vehicle being in programming mode is that the start button will NOT start the vehicle.

2016 KIA Sorento with Flip Key- Programming!

Programs under type 19 like the new Soul

Where is your dongle? - Find it Fast!

Many folks do not always have their dongle with them and they have to walk all the way back to their van. I learned this trick from a good friend of mine in the biz and I have been using it since day one. Hang the 5 top dongles with strong fishing line To your T Code. I have added a pic to assist.

Proud to say I have never lost my dongle and have saved countless trips back to the van. With the software changing so quickly these days, everyone should consider doing this.

Ford Factory Door Codes- Found!

This applies to most late model fords with twist ignition. It is in the owner’s manual too. Also a way to get them to have to put a second key. You can retrieve the factory code by cycling 2 known keys into ignition on. The code should appear on the center screen of the instrument panel. I have done this on F series , Fusion. but you can try it on most. If that does not work and the T-Code will not pull, the smart junction box or sometimes called fuse box has a white sticker on it with the code. You tube also has some videos on this.

Thanks! Team Fresh Car Keys

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