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Posted: 08/31/2015 by Fresh Car Keys

Fobiks: Are mine locked or not?

We have had several clients send us remotes not knowing if they are locked or not. To save some confusion, we have a trick to tell for yourself if a Chrysler Fobik is locked.

You will need to have any Chrysler vehicle that is compatible with a Fobik style remote on hand for this.

Simply put the Fobik into the ignition and turn on, if the accessories do not come on (i.e. Radio) the chip is locked and will not program and will usually say 'wrong key' too!

This works with ALL Chrysler Fobiks.

Nissan Smart Key and Remote Head Key Compatibility

nissan remotenissan remote head

All 'Old Style' remotes for Nissan (pictured top left) with FCC: CWTWB1U733 can be replaced or substituted (backwards and forwards) with the remote head key Nissan FCC: CWTWB1U751 (pictured top right).

This works for both the 3 button and 4 button variants! Now you can either use the remote and key separate or the remote head key depending on your current inventory.

Thanks! Team Fresh Car Keys

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