2016 Tips and Tricks 2

Posted: 03/23/2016 by Fresh Car Keys

Nissan Boards

With the addition of another type of Nissan remote board, we wanted to further clarify the difference between all three as well as compatibility and programming differences. Checking the FCC on these remotes is not enough, in order to program correctly you must look at the boards by opening the shells and carefully taking the board out and checking the 'button side' by the chip for prongs.


No prongs

Nissan boards with NO PRONGS are the newest variant added to the 4014 board types. This board has a noticeable empty space to the left of the chip, and is compatible with the newest 2016 Nissan models.


One prong

Nissan boards with ONE PRONG are the second newest variant. These boards are compatible with model 2014-2015 Nissans.


two prong

This is the oldest variant of the boards. This board is compatible with all models before 2014.

three prongs

None of the boards are cross-compatible.

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