Nissan Proximity Programming - Ghosting

Posted: 11/11/2015 by Fresh Car Keys

Every so often when programming Nissan proximity keys, with various Nissan models including but not limited to Pathfinder and Altima, a key or both keys will fail to register. Often times the car is still in programming mode even though it is not communicating with the t-code (this can happen even if the t-code is disconnected, after opening up the vehicles' programming mode). Simply add in the prox regardless of what the car or t-code may be telling you. As long as you get the 5 flashes to the key with the immobilizer light, the key will be programmed. Even after the process is "complete", which it may not really be depending on whether the key registered or not, you can still add the key in by holding it up and pressing the start/stop button with the logo side of the key.

Also, if you fail to properly enter in the 20 digit rolling pin 4 times in a row, you can seriously disable the vehicle and it can be very costly to fix. This info is just for Nissan but may possibly apply to other brands.


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